Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have a 28 watt 2 pin PL light bulb that has burned out and need to replace it.

In the world of plug in compact fluorescent light bulbs, 2 pin plug ins were the first to be manufacturered. The newer version of these light bulbs is the 4 pin plug in. That is the way of the future and gradually the 2 pin versions will be discontinued one day. This is not an official word from the manufacturers. Just an observation with the way technology is going.

If you are using a plug in that is simply a "PL" cfl and can't find it, chances are that it's been discontinued. If you would like confirmation on that, feel free to contact us and we're happy to help. What should you do? If your have an old fixture, you may be forced to purchase a new fixture. That is really going to be easier and more cost effective than trying to get a replacement socket or an adapter of sorts.....which I'm not even sure exists.

If you are purchasing a new table lamp or lighting fixture, be sure you are purchasing one that uses a 4 pin plug in to insure you will have access to the light bulbs the longest.

Holly Eddins

Monday, March 16, 2009

120 Watt 120 Volt Philips Light Bulbs Discontinued

As part of the energy plan that was passed by Congress in 1996, the first of several to come completely sold out bulbs is the 120w 120v incandescent BR40 flood light.

The great news is that there are still 120 watt 130 volt BR40 incandescent flood light bulbs still available. The only difference you will see in the two is that the 130 volt one will be a bit dimmer than the 120 volt one. The Duramax version of the bulb is also available as well as Philips generic bulbs. This is as of March 16, 2009. We will continue to post as we hear of more changes.

Holly Eddins