Tuesday, January 25, 2011

60 Watt G25 Natural Light Philips Light Bulbs Discontinued

Another Natural Light Bulb has found itself on the delisted or discontinued list from Philips. The 60 Watt G25 is the most recent of those.

Currently, the 40 watt G25 Natural Light Globe Light Bulbs are still available. Depending on when you are reading this, please check the link above to see if they are still around.

Customers who have used these bulbs really love the natural light that they emit. We hear things like, "I love putting on my makeup in a bathroom with these lights because when I get outside, I know what I'm going to look like." And "I love using these in my closet as I can tell what clothes actually match each other." And "These bulbs make the paint that I painted my rooms with look like they are suppose to!"

We have no idea as to why Philips is no longer producing these bulbs. Most likely is because they are the dreaded incandescent bulb. But we really don't know. All we know is there is still an option for you if you can go with a lower wattage.

Holly Eddins

Monday, January 17, 2011

Philips 75 Watt Director Light Bulbs - Discontinued by Philips

Are you looking for the 75 Watt K19 Philips Director Light Bulbs? We were just informed today that these bulbs have been Delisted or Discontinued by Philips and no longer available. Bummer. These were a great solution to get higher wattage flood lights for the little bulbs.

What are your options? We still have in stock the 60 watt Director Light Bulb as well as the 40 watt Director bulbs and the 100 watt Director Light Bulbs.

We have no idea if the whole collection is at risk of being discontinued or not. Philips never releases this information before the bitter end. So, for the time being, all we know is that we still have stock in and can get the other wattages of Director Light Bulbs.

Holly Eddins

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lava Lamp Replacement Light Bulb Help

We've been getting a large number of calls with customers who are having a hard time with finding a bulb that will make their lava lamp perform properly. It use to be that many of the Lava Lamps called for 75 watt or even 100 watt R20 flood lights.

As part of a governmental regulation, these bulbs have been discontinued. Now, lava lamp lovers are in a bind. There really is not a perfect replacement for the 100 watt R20 flood light. So, our recommendation is to contact the manufacturer of the lava lamp that you own. They know that the problem exists and will be able to tell you what bulbs you need to use now to activate your lava lamp!

Can't find the manufacturer? Go to the retailer where you bought the lava lamp and ask them about the bulbs or even for the manufacturer's information and let them know why. Retailers may not be readily happy to give out their factory's information.

Holly Eddins

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Philips Pink Softone Pastel Light Bulbs

We've had several folks to fall in love with the color that is put out by the Philips Pink Softone Light Bulbs. It's a bulb that has a soft pink finish to the bulb which casts off a very subtle pink to your light.

For some customers who purchased the bulbs prior to 2010, they might be disappointed with the color of the bulbs now. The beginning of 2010, Philips moved the manufacturing of these bulbs from Mexico to Indonesia and China. As a result, the color has changed just a bit. For new customers to this product, you will probably fall in love with them. But for customers who are attached to the finish achieved at the Mexico factory may not be so happy.

Just know that since the beginning of 2010 these bulbs have not been produced in Mexico and are no longer available anywhere.

Holly Eddins