Monday, November 23, 2009

Germicidal Lamps

We had a customer recently looking for a germicidal lamp that would start in a 35 degree cold storage room.

Any of the Philips germicidal lamps will start under those conditions. This is a function of the ballast that it goes in. So, if the ballast is made to start under the cooler conditions then any of the Philips lamps that work with that ballast will light and work properly.

Holly Eddins

Monday, November 9, 2009

Philips Flame Top Halogena F15 Light Bulb Discontinued

We've had several customers to call lately looking for the Philips Halogena' F15 light bulbs. These bulbs are great in chandeliers where the contour of the bulb can accent the fixture. Unfortunately, there wasn't the demand for them as Philips would have hoped.

The good news is that these bulbs are still available in an incandescent version. These Flame shaped F15 light bulbs come in 3 wattages: 25, 45 and 60. Check them out for a perfect replacement of the Halogena' version of these.

Links to the:

Philips 25 Watt F15 Flame Shape Light Bulb

Philips 40 Watt F15 Flame Shape Light Bulb

Philips 60 Watt F15 Flame Shape Light Bulb

Holly Eddins

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Areas with More than 1 light

As you know, you can not use a non-dimmable compact fluorescent light bulb on an electrical line with a dimmer switch on it. Even if you don't plan to move the dimmer switch, it will shorten the life of the bulb and cause it to blow prematurely.

A question was recently posed to us about using a dimmable compact fluorescent light bulb on a line where that are multiple light switches. Unlike the statement in the above paragraph, you can use a dimmable compact fluorescent light bulb on a line without dimmer switches. So, doing this will not hurt the bulb.

And in a case of a large room with multiple entry ways or a hallway where you might have two switches, only one would be a dimmer switch and the others would be regular up and down switches.

Holly Eddins