Friday, September 11, 2009

Can I use a cfl to replace my metal halide?

First off, where are you using this? If you are talking about a Hi Bay, there are going to be some more effecient ways for you to lamp your facility. But if you are using a flood light, you are using the most efficient thing you can use for the light needed. There are CFLs that will screw in but you'll need to bypass your ballast since screw in cfls are integrated.

To your question, you are going to get your most lumens with a plug in cfl and those really only go up to about 6000 lumens. So, there is just not a CFL out there that works on a 220 or 110 for that matter that will offer an equivalent light output as the metal halide you are using.

If you are needing this for a hi bay, you could start using a T5 fluorescent and these would decrease your energy usage by about half.

Holly Eddins

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm looking for a bulb for my stove or range hood and need help.

Sometimes we can help you with your stove or appliance light bulb needs but many times we can not. Philips will often make bulbs specifically for the stove manufacturers and thus not offer them to their normal distributors for resale purposes.

If your manual only give you a part number that looks something like this.....Light Bulb Part No. will need to go to a dealer or repair shop for that bulb or contact the stove manufacturer.

Now if your manual gives you a replacement part with numbers that look more like this.....15S11/102.....then it may be something we can help you with. We have put all the appliance and stove light bulbs that we have access to in one group so you can see if what we have access to is what you need.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're needing a 60 Watt Halogena BR40 Light Bulb and can't find them...

Philips has discontinued the 60 watt BR40 Halogena light bulbs and they are no longer available. Not sure exactly why but they are no where to be had. The best replacement for this bulb is going to be the Philips 65 watt BR40 incandescent light bulbs.

Holly Eddins