Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking for a Philips Spot Line BR25......

The BR25 Spot Line light bulbs were discontinued by Philips. They were available in 100 watts. Unfortunately, there is no adequate replacement for the BR25 bulbs as all other spots are going to be either >.5" less in diameter or .5" more in diameter.

Holly Eddins

What does PL-L Mean?

PL-L Philips Light Bulbs are compact fluorescent plug in light bulbs. Each have 4 pins that plug in to your fixture and are configured in a straight line. PL-L stands for "Philips Linear-Long."

These bulbs have an average rated life at 15,000 (36 watts and under) and 20,000 (40 watts and above) hours making them a significantly more effecient light bulb to use. PL-L light bulbs come in the following wattages: 18, 24, 36, 40, 50, 55 and 80. Most wattages are available in 830, 835 and 841 color ranges. The 55 watt only comes in an 841 and 950 color.

With these bulbs it is possible to interchange wattages. The bases and thus the ballast that powers these bulbs are all the same which allows for easy wattage substitutions.

Holly Eddins

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What is TuffGuard Coating?

TuffGuard Coating is like a teflon coating. It provides Thermal Shock Protection to light bulbs. If accidently broken, these light bulbs will effectively contain shattered glass particles.

These should be used in any space where the welfare of your employees or guest is a consideration. TuffGuarded light bulbs are ideal for the following applications: Food Service/processing, beverage plants, textile plants, medical facilities, packaging manufacturing, museums, schools, waste-water plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing and many more.

Infrared are often tuffguarded as it is a material that will last under the heat provided by the infrared lamp.

Holly Eddins

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What does PL-T mean?

PL-T Philips light bulbs are compact fluorescent bulbs that have 4 pins in the base that plug in to the wall. PL-T stands for "Philips Linear-Triple."

The life of these bulbs is 16,000 hours. They come in the following wattages: 18, 26, 32, 42 and 57. And most of the wattages of the Philips PL-T bulbs come in 827 to 841 color ranges or 2700K to 4100K.

It is key to know what wattage you are using. Reason being is that the base of each wattage of this plug in is different. So, if you purchase a different wattage than what you are currently using, the PL-T will not fit.

Holly Eddins

Monday, June 22, 2009

Do Philips MR16 bulbs have a Lense over the top?

Yes. Philips started making all of their MR16 products with a lense. So, if you order a MR16 or a MRC16 either one, you will get a bulb with a lense. The "c" in MRC16 use to indicated that it had a "cover" but that no longer applies since all Philips MR16 bulbs now have a lense.

Holly Eddins

Friday, June 19, 2009

What are Philips Rough Service Light Bulbs?

When you see a Philips bulb called a Tough Bulb or a Rough Service bulb they mean pretty much what it sounds like. These bulbs are manufacturered with a filament that will withstand constant vibrations and extreme shock.

For example, a customer recently called having trouble keeping a light bulb in his garage door. They all seemed to burn out prematurely. The solution is to use a rough service bulb. It will withstand the constation motion that comes with the opening and closing of garage doors.

These bulbs are also great for portable lighting, like a work light, or near any kind of vibrating or heavy machinery.

Holly Eddins

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Philips AmbientLED A-55 Light Bulb Hot off the Presses

The Philips Ambient LED A55 Light Bulbs carry the same general shape as an A19 bulb. They are also about the same overall lengh. The A55 is 4.2 in overall length where the A19 is 4.134. These 7 watt LED bulbs replace a 25 watt incandescent bulb. The biggest difference? The LED A-55 will last upwards of 40,000 hours and a standard incandescent bulb only lasts 2500 hours.

This makes this bulb an ideal alternative where maintenence of replacing the bulbs can be an issue. But can be used anywhere you are currently using a regular A19 light bulb.

Holly Eddins

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Philips Pink SoftTone 3Way Light Bulbs

A wonderful way to get softer lighting in your home is by using the Philips Pink SoftTone 3-Way Light Bulb. The wattages it will product are 50/100/150 which is very bright. But with the softness of the bulb it's not a harsh light.

Holly Eddins

Monday, June 15, 2009

85 Watt BR40 Philips Light Bulbs now Discontinued

As part of the mandate from Congress, another bulb is now discontinued and out of stock. The 85 Watt BR40 light bulbs.....all variations. To assist out customer in making the best decision on what replacement bulb to start using in their applications, we have put together a spreadsheet that outlines your options.

A couple of things to note: The halogen bulbs are going to put out a bit more heat that the incandescent bulbs. Also, the par halogen bulbs are shorter than the incandescent BR40. The width won't be that noticable but the length will. Therefore if you go with this option, you will need to purchase bulb extenders for each socket. You will only need to purchase these once.

Holly Eddins

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ionic Breeze Air Purifier Light Bulbs

We are told by many customers who have the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Air Purifier that finding replacement light bulbs are hard to find. We stock them and ship them out to customers daily. The bulbs are a Philips UV G15 T8 light bulb. The Sharper Image manual recommends that you change these bulbs every 12 months. The bulb may still be working but from the tests that Sharper Image ran, they tested the units to be optimally working when the bulb is replaced every year. You can purchase the bulbs HERE.

Holly Eddins

Does dimming your overhead lighting save in energy costs?

Absolutely yes! If you dim a line of lights by say 50% brightness, you will be saving approx. 42% of energy. The dimmer switch itself uses some energy. That's why you wouldn't be saving 50% of the energy.
Any halogen or incandescent light bulb can be put on a dimmer switch. On a dimmer switch, the bulbs are not at their complete brightness. It varies by manufacturer but on average the bulbs will be at about 92% of their brightness if they were put in a socket without a dimmer switch.

Holly Eddins

Friday, June 5, 2009

Philips Aurelle LED Deck Light Bulb Kits Discontinued

Philips Aurelle LED Blue and White Deck Light Bulb kits are now discontinued and unavailable. If not already very soon they will also no longer be available through local stores and online retailers as they have sold all the back stock they may have had. The white version was actually discontinued and went out of stock in 2008. The Blue version is just now out of stock as this color was not as popular as the white version.

Holly Eddins

Are LED light bulbs dimmable?

No, LED light bulbs are not dimmable. Incandescent and Halogen light bulbs are always dimmable. Some CFL bulbs are but most are not. And most if not all LED bulbs are not dimmable.

Holly Eddins

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do LED Light Bulbs generate much heat?

The short answer is yes. It's hard to wrap your head around the fact that LED bulbs generate heat with them wattages being so low. You can not correlate the wattage with heat. LED bulbs generate heat like halogen light bulbs do. With halogen light bulbs the heat is thrust out of the can and into the room. With LED light bulbs the heat is held inside the can.

So, if you had a piece of art that you wanted to light with either a halogen or a LED light bulb, I would recommend using an LED bulb as the heat will not be thrust upon the art like with a halogen. But if you are trying to keep a confined area cooler, one is going to be about the same as the other.

Holly Eddins