Monday, January 14, 2013

Philips has released an 18 watt Outdoor Rated PAR38 LED light bulb and wet location use.  You now have a reliable replacement for those high wattage outdoor flood lights.  The new light bulb replaces a 100 watt halogen PAR38 flood light.  It is designed to give you 15 years of life (45,000 hours of average rate life) which makes it ideal for those hard to reach areas. 

Law Affects Traditional Halogen Lights

The middle of 2012 many of the older technology halogen lights were discontinued due to the regulations in one of the efficiency laws. Halogen lights of 40 watts and higher were affected. Philips has developed a new EcoVantage line of Philips halogen light bulbs that meet the newer guidelines and will provide you with the same quality light you are used to with the older halogen bulbs. You will also gain some energy saving with the new lights due to their higher efficiency levels.

LED Effecting Garage Door Opener?

We have had some feedback from customers stating that when they have replaced their LEDs to use in Garage Door Openers their garage door remote stops working. In some rare cases the LED light seems to be interfering with the receiving unit and is blocking the signal from the remote. If this happens make sure that the radio antenna on the receiver (the wire sticking out of the opener power unit) is not touching or very close the LED light bulb. This is a rare problem with an easy fix. This is not a scientific or technical recommendation.  Simply one that we have had with customers and are sharing how we helped them correct the issue.