Sunday, November 9, 2008

What does Integrated light bulbs mean?

Light Bulbs like compact fluorescent and HID light bulbs contain a gas that needs to be ignited for the bulb to work which is called a starter. They also need a ballast which regulates the voltage of power. Ingegrated bulbs are ones that have that starter and ballast built in the base of the bulb. Non-integrated bulbs have to be used in a ballast that performs those functions for the bulb.
This PAR38 is one of the few metal halide bulbs that is integrated and can be used in a regular socket and doesn't need a special ballast to be used. Philips Integrated PAR38 light bulbs consume up to 3 times less energy than incandescents with the same light and provide the perfect light bulb a retail business or other business wanting to have very clear crisp light.

Holly Eddins

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