Monday, October 19, 2009

Introducing Philips DIMMABLE Mini Deco Twister Light Bulbs

We want to introduce to our customers a new product for Philips that we are offering our customers. It is a DIMMABLE Compact Fluorescent light bulb! Now, if you haven't purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs before, you may be scratching your head. Most high quality compact fluorescent light bulbs are not dimmable. It is a special technology and because of cost is not implemented into all cfl light bulbs.

The new dimmable bulbs from Philips are a familiar bulb style. They come in a mini deco twister and then just a deco twister for the higher wattage. Wattages available are a 15 watt = to 60 watt A19; a 20 watt = to 75 watt A19 and a 32 watt = to 125 Watt A19.

Take a look at these Philips dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs and try them in your own home.

Holly Eddins

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