Monday, February 1, 2010

Philips Halogena' Energy Saver Light Bulbs

For everyone looking for light bulbs to replace their discontinued incandescent light bulbs, there is possibly a solution for you. Philips has started to produce a halogena' collection light bulb in the BR30 and BR40 styles that give out the same amount of light as some of the high wattage incandescents that have been outlawed by Congress.

In the box stores you might find them under the Halogena' Energy Savor collection. Other distributors have the exact same bulb but it is called Philips Halogena' Energy Advantage. Everything about the two are exactly the same from the light provided, size and shape of bulb and the average rated life of the bulb.

The lumens aren't going to be the same but a halogena' will appear brighter than an incandescent because of the technology behind manufacturing the bulb. So, to replace a 85Watt BR30 incandescent, you can use a 40Watt BR30 Halogena' Energy Advantage/Energy Saver Bulb. Then to replace a 120Watt BR40, you can use a 70Watt BR40 Halogena' Energy Advantage/Energy Saver Bulb.

This is great news for those of you out there who want to keep the bulb you've been using AND want to get similar amount of light as before.

Holly Eddins

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