Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rare Earth Phosphor Shortage and Fluorescent Light Bulbs

There is now a shortage of rare earth phosphors due to the Chinese limiting production and exports out of their country. Why is this effecting fluorescent light bulbs… (UV, Compact Fluorescents, T12, T8 & T5)? The inside of every fluorescent light bulb is lined with phosphor. The phosphor is what makes the light in fluorescent bulbs and they will not work without it.
The shortage of phosphor has already caused disruption in the production of many types of fluorescent light bulbs which is already causing delivery issues. Consumers will also experience price increases for all styles from 10 to 50 percent or possibly more depending on how long the shortages continue.
At Light Bulb Market, we will stay committed to stocking as many Compact Fluorescent, UV and Linear Fluorescent Light Bulbs as possible. Let us help you.

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