Monday, January 14, 2013

LED Effecting Garage Door Opener?

We have had some feedback from customers stating that when they have replaced their LEDs to use in Garage Door Openers their garage door remote stops working. In some rare cases the LED light seems to be interfering with the receiving unit and is blocking the signal from the remote. If this happens make sure that the radio antenna on the receiver (the wire sticking out of the opener power unit) is not touching or very close the LED light bulb. This is a rare problem with an easy fix. This is not a scientific or technical recommendation.  Simply one that we have had with customers and are sharing how we helped them correct the issue.

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Joe Wilde Company said...

It's strange how different things can effect your garage door opener. We've heard of some cases as well. Something we also see a lot is how sunlight can cause safety beams to malfunction. We see that a lot too.

We do garage door repair milwaukee area and it's great to read others tips on garage safety and troubleshooting issues.

Keep posting and keep up the good work.