Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do all CFL flood lights have standard twister light bulbs inside?

A little known fact is that compact fluorescent flood lights are just covers over a regular stardard twister cfl. Or it looks like one anyway. Technology is such that this is the best way to provide cfl light in the form of a flood light.

You may ask, why even buy a flood light when you can simply put up a cfl twister and be done with it? You can certainly do this. What a flood will give over a regular twister is the flood light features. The cover has a reflective material that will throw the light is a wider and brighter swath of light than a regular twister will. The regular twister bulbs are great for table light lamp where the light can be projected in all directions. But in recessed applications, it is not the most effecient.

So, can you get anything different in compact fluorescent reflectors. Unfortunately, no. All manufacturers use the same technology. Really, how often do you look directly at the bulb except when you are replacing it?

Holly Eddins

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