Thursday, April 9, 2009

Philips 150 watt Traffic Light Bulbs

More than 10 years ago Philips went from producing their A21 traffic lights from a glass cover to a polycarbonate cover. For some of you, you may have had a stock pile of bulbs and are just now needing new ones and aren't aware of the change.

When they went to the polycarbonate, the 150 watt bulbs were developing a white burn spot on the ends because the wattage was too hot for the material. As a result, Philips discontinued the 150 watt traffic lights and changed it to a 116 watt traffic signal bulb. Those are available in the 130 volt as well as the 120 volt but the 130 volt will by far last the longest. But with Philips the highest wattage in the traffic signal bulbs is now a 116 watt.

Holly Eddins

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