Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Philips 50 Watt BR19 Light Bulbs are Discontinued

It is quite unfortunately that these bulbs got caught up in the Energy Bill passed in 2005. These 50 watt BR19 bulbs were unique as they were an incandescent that were also a spot light bulb. There are not very many incandescents that are manufactured to be a spot light.

So, what can you do? There are really only 2 options and neither are perfect so you'll need to decide what is most important.

First, there is a 45 watt R20 incandescent light bulb. The shape is similar. They only have 5 less lumens than the 50 watt BR19 and that's not each to tell the difference. The R20 is only 3/16" shorter so the size is pretty similar. Biggest difference??? The R20 is a flood light where the BR19 was a spot light.

So, secondly, if you need a spot and aren't as concerned about the bulb being the same or similar, you can look at a halogen bulb. The 50 Watt PAR20 light bulb. The PAR20 bulbs are going to be 3/4" shorter than the BR19. The beam of spot is the same. 25 degree. The bulbs are very different. The halogen is a heavy bumpy glass to diffuse the lighting. Where the BR19 was a smoother lighter glass. The PAR20 is also going to be a brighter bulb. It has 530 lumens where the BR19 only had 385 lumens.

As you can see, neither is a perfect replacement. But they are the best options available.

Holly Eddins

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