Friday, November 5, 2010

Hz in Relation to Light Bulbs

We often get calls from customers who want us to confirm what Hz a bulb is or needs when researching what they need. In general any bulb being sold on the shelf or on the web in the US is going to work in the US. Honestly, we don't even advertise Hz on our website because the bases are different depending on if a bulb is made for the US or Asia so you don't need to be as concerned what the Hz is. It's if you are crossing the border that you need to be aware of and concerned with the Hz.

US is 60 Hz and Europe & Asia are 50 Hz. Beyond that there are many other variables that you might need to detect to find the correct bulb. But when it comes to Hz, anything 60 Hz will work here at home!

Holly Eddins

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