Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Philips Pink Softone Pastel Light Bulbs

We've had several folks to fall in love with the color that is put out by the Philips Pink Softone Light Bulbs. It's a bulb that has a soft pink finish to the bulb which casts off a very subtle pink to your light.

For some customers who purchased the bulbs prior to 2010, they might be disappointed with the color of the bulbs now. The beginning of 2010, Philips moved the manufacturing of these bulbs from Mexico to Indonesia and China. As a result, the color has changed just a bit. For new customers to this product, you will probably fall in love with them. But for customers who are attached to the finish achieved at the Mexico factory may not be so happy.

Just know that since the beginning of 2010 these bulbs have not been produced in Mexico and are no longer available anywhere.

Holly Eddins


The Glass Tulip said...

Oh my… I am in a bit of( for lack of better word)..panic on this one. We have used the pink Phillips Sotftone bulbs for years. We had a stock pile of the bulbs that were made in Mexico. Not thinking they would change, or as that government would... outlaw Incandescent bulbs,I am in a quandary as to what to do. I am a Libertarian so I am horrified that government is imposing a discontinuation of great lighting. We should be able to make these choices for our free thinking selves. This will change everything in lighting,and in design. My final breaking point was the announcement of change to the everloved Easy Bake Oven. I guess I will be one of the 15% stockpiling Incandescent lights. I find Halogen and LED to be cold in color and dangerous if broken… you practically need a Hazmat team for cleanup. I find this to be a sad, imposed time for lighting history.

CelticLighthouse said...

I used the Phillips Soft-tone pastel pink bulbs for years. Though I generally favoured the blueish-white light over the warm yellowy-white light, I did enjoy the delicate tinge of pinky/peach that the Phillips Soft-tone bulbs emitted. They were used in my bedroom, and it gave the room a more calming feel. I should have thought to stock up on them when Canada changed its laws on incandescent bulbs. Will the newer, energy-efficient bulbs be made in a selection of colours? If Phillips would market one, I would be the first to purchase it.

ales said...

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Lacey said...

That explains why I have not been able to find a replacement at any hardware store. Oddly, nobody explained to me like you just did.
Thank you.