Tuesday, January 25, 2011

60 Watt G25 Natural Light Philips Light Bulbs Discontinued

Another Natural Light Bulb has found itself on the delisted or discontinued list from Philips. The 60 Watt G25 is the most recent of those.

Currently, the 40 watt G25 Natural Light Globe Light Bulbs are still available. Depending on when you are reading this, please check the link above to see if they are still around.

Customers who have used these bulbs really love the natural light that they emit. We hear things like, "I love putting on my makeup in a bathroom with these lights because when I get outside, I know what I'm going to look like." And "I love using these in my closet as I can tell what clothes actually match each other." And "These bulbs make the paint that I painted my rooms with look like they are suppose to!"

We have no idea as to why Philips is no longer producing these bulbs. Most likely is because they are the dreaded incandescent bulb. But we really don't know. All we know is there is still an option for you if you can go with a lower wattage.

Holly Eddins

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