Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How do Halogen Light Bulbs work?

Halogen light bulbs are commonly referred to as incandescent light bulbs. Technically they are the same. BUT Halogen light bulbs are brighter in light for the same wattage, the color is a whiter color and they typically last longer. Halogens bulbs also run hotter than incandescent equivalents.

The filament in a halogen bulb is actually thinner than the one described in our post on how an incandescent light bulb works. The biggest difference is that this filament is enclosed in a glass capsule. This capsule traps the gases that are emitted that end up on an incandescent bulb's glass and keeps it within the small are. This keeps these bulbs brighter and cleaner than their sister incandescents.

Because the gas is trapped in the glass capsule it often re-adheres to the filament keeping it strong. But eventually it does wear down like in incandescent light bulbs and thus becomes the end of the life of a halogen.

Holly Eddins

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