Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is a Philips Ambient LED R20

The Ambient LED R20 Philips Light Bulb is a LED flood light made to be more energy efficient than your regular incandescent or halogen light bulb. These are sold as 25 degree beam angles. In English, that is a cross between a spot and a floor. Maybe I would call it a narrow flood.

Philips R20 LED bulbs are 4" in overall length and 2 1/2" in width. They are an easy replacement for incandescent or halogen R20 bulbs. Even though they are only 7 watts these LED bulbs put out the light of a 40 watt incandescent flood. That is some significant savings in energy considering these bulbs last on average 40,000 hours. That is 16 times the life of incandescent Duramax R20 bulbs!

The cost of these bulbs is only 10 times the cost of the incandescent version and considering that it lasts 16 times are going to save money in cost of purchasing light bulbs.....not just considering the cost of energy that you will save.

Philips LED R20 bulbs contain no mercury, are instant on bulbs (like incandescents), emit almost no UV/IR light in the beam and saves in bulb cost and energy costs. Try them!

Holly Eddins


Jonathan said...

Does this led flood work with an existing dimmer switch? said...

Hi Jonathan,

Philips European LED bulbs work with a dimmer but the ones available in the states do not work with any of Jan 2010. This can certainly change. We are seeing major changes and lower prices every 6 months.

Anonymous said...

These light bulbs work well. I got sucked in by the demo display at my local hardware store, and decided to give one a try. I've tried the AmbientLED Household A19 Cool White incandescent replacement. They fit as a direct replacement for any shade type! I've currently tried them in a floor lamp (which, for it's size did pretty well, not as much light as a CFL, but still pretty good), kitchen track-type with tight shades (the standard incandescent ones with shades practically right next to the bulbs) and the dome-type hallway lights. The latter two performed exceptionally well, I think the fact that the size of the bulb meant I could put it anywhere was a big factor to me liking these bulbs. I've got an entire basement of 20 or so recess lights to replace now!