Sunday, August 9, 2009

Philips MR LED Light Bulbs

Philips MR LED Light Bulbs that are designed to fit into MR15 fixture and sockets are now available in the states. This is Philips Essential White Series or eW Series.

These bulbs feature are manufactured in 10 and 25 degree beam angles. One would be considered a narrow spot and the other a narrow flood. They also come in two different kelvin: 2700K with 70 CRI and 4200K with 76 CRI.

These MR16 bulb types have a GU5.3 base (Standard MR 16 bi-pin connectors). Their lumens range from 37 to 66 which would be the equivalent to a 20 watt regular MR16. It's The width of these guys is 2" and Overall length is 2.1".

The biggest feature of these is the life span. They will on average last 50,000 hours. That is 10 to 17 times a halogen MR16 average rated life. Considering the cost of both and the life span the cost is about the same. Where you'll see savings is in energy costs and in replacement costs/your time.

Holly Eddins

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