Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why do Light Bulbs come in different colors?

Light Bulbs come in different colors for different taste or lighting needs of consumers. Incandescent light bulbs come in the following: clear, natural light, soft white, inside frost, softone pastel, agro, colored and silicone or tough coated.

Clear bulbs are simply clear glass bulbs. Clear bulbs provide sparkle and reflect nicely off mirrored or chrome surfaces. Soft White light bulbs reduce that glare and provide a diffused illumination. Frosted light bulbs have an inside frost finish on the glass which reduces glare.

Philips Softone pastel finishes provide a hint of color in the room to create a specific mood. Natural Light Philips bulbs provide a light that allows you to see the true color of clothes or furnishings. Colored bulbs are used to create a festive or party atmosphere.

Some incandescents are specifically designed to promote plant growth by producing the appropriate light spectrum for plants to thrive. Silicone or Tough coated bulbs are designed to be shatter proof. It gives the bulbs a little more stability so that they don't break as easily.

Most folks will be using light bulbs described in the first paragraph. We wanted to give you the knowledge you need to make the best decision on the color of light bulb you need/want.

Holly Eddins

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