Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How much energy does a light bulb use?

The energy consumed by light bulbs is measured in wattages. When purchasing a light bulb they are all designated with a certain watt rating. This will effect many things but for our topic here, let's talk about the energy used.

An incancescent uses more energy than a halogen which uses more than a compact fluorescent then LED is next with the lowest amount of energy used for a particular amount of light.

So, let's say that you are using a 65 watt flood light in your home and it is an incandescent and is rated to last 2500 hours. Let's also say that your local utility charges .1645 per KW. Using these assumptions, this light bulb will use 162.50 KW over the life of the bulb and will cost you almost $27 in electric costs. If you'd like to figure the savings you might have by using more efficient bulbs, use our easy Energy Cavings Calculator to help.

Holly Eddins

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