Sunday, January 18, 2009

What is the difference in the neck of the old Philips Twistline bulbs and the one now?

Philips Twistline Halogen light bulbs use to be made with a clear neck. Basically the glass used surrounding the filaments was continued down to very close to the power source. Now, the Philips twistline bulbs are made with a white ceramic insulator.

This insulator could just be a design change or a change made when changing the factory that produces the bulbs. The company does not confirm that the change was made to insulate the bulb from heat. The difference in the design does not change anything but the look of the bulb. It still produces just as much light and works in the same light fixture. The only difference is going to be that not as much light will be emitted through the neck of the bulb where before light did come through the entire length of the clear neck.

Holly Eddins

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