Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is it true that 120 volt bulbs are brighter than 130 volt light bulbs?

Technically, both light bulbs are tested to be the same amount of lumens or brightness. But that is when the bulbs are tested at their respective voltages. So, the 120 volt light bulb is tested at 120 volts and the 130 volt light bulb is tested at 130 volts. When you look at it this way one is not brighter than the other.

Now, if you were to put both options in a socket in your home or office, you will notice at the 120 volt bulb is going to be a little brighter than the 130 volt bulb. Why? If your house happens to have 124 volts of energy at the outlet, the 120 volt will be working harder and will shine a bit brighter and the 130 volt bulbs will not be pushed to their limit and will not shine as bright.

It's also important to know the difference that this makes in the life of the bulb which you can read in a post below.

Holly Eddins

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